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Paradise Lawnscapes LLC

(414) 380-8881

Fertilized and unfertilized lawns

Average Prices:

Under .5 acre starting at $60.00 per application

.5 - 1 acre starting at $90.00 per application

Over 1 acre starting at $115.00 per application

(these prices may vary)

Fertilizing Recommendations

Do you want one of the best looking lawns on the block? Our 5 step fertilizing program, along with our lawn maintenance programs will help.

With no feedings your lawn will be very weedy, have short roots, and will have trouble dealing with stressful periods.

  • One feeding you will have a slightly denser lawn with less weeds.
  • Two feedings your lawn will be denser with thick roots, and will have a lot less weeds.
  • With 3 feedings it will be very thick with a dense root system, and will be much healthier.
  • 4-5 feedings at this point feedings will help allow your lawn to survive a variety of stress factors. A super dense, lush lawn can be enjoyed and easily maintained.